Special Edition: Pamper Yourself with 10+ Recipes

This post is for adults and does contain links that potentially benefit my family financially.

While my parents were visiting recently, I got a lovely break and decided to be proactive about my own self-care. I know that a lot of my family members feel like they don’t do enough to help out because they live so far away. It’s not true at all. Every time someone video chats with the girls, I get a break. Every time they come to visit and just play with the girls, Mr. A and I both get a break. Every time they help out with our sensory tools, that’s something that makes everyone’s lives better every day. This last visit alone is going to yield weeks, if not months, of positive ramifications for all four of us. You guys are awesome and I love you!

Anyone with young kids knows how insanely difficult it is to go clothes shopping. Having sensory kiddos makes it all but impossible. Before my parents’ visit, I literally hadn’t updated my wardrobe since V was an infant. I seriously looked like the stereotypical “hot mess” mom. My parents were sweet enough to help me make a new wardrobe happen. One afternoon, my dad and Mr. A hung out with the girls so that my mom and I could go shopping, and take our time. Since I was able to put some thought into my decisions, I made sure to choose pieces that I can effortlessly mix and match. I love that now I can just mindlessly throw on an outfit, and go. Even though I’m putting almost zero effort into getting dressed, I feel like I look way more put together.

Next on my “to do now” list, was to make a bunch of bath and body products. I’m a Young Living member (the discount rocks!), so I have a nice stash of oils. While I had some extra help, I took the opportunity to make a bunch of products to incorporate into my everyday routine. This makes me feel pampered without having to go out of my way. Like a lot of parents, I know that my own self-care simply isn’t going to happen unless it takes minimal effort. I feel like I’ve managed to accomplish that.

Facial Toners, Body Butter, and Sugar Scrub

*Note: Most of the following ingredients and supplies are less expensive to buy locally, but I provided convenient affiliate links just in case. The essential oils are all less expensive to buy wholesale. Use this link if that is something you’re interested in doing.
Face and Body Wash:

I chose ingredients that are calming, uplifting, and generally good for the skin, so that every shower has the ability to reset my mood. To make my face and body wash, I filled my bottle halfway with unscented Castile soap, added about 2 teaspoons of grape seed oil, added the essential oils, dumped in a splash of rosewater (I added a little, swirled it around, smelled it, and added a tiny bit more), filled it almost to the top with distilled water, and shook it up. I frequently make a Castile soap based body wash. If it isn’t foamy enough when I test it, I just add an extra squirt of Castile soap. This does seem to work better on a washcloth, rather than a loofah.

Facial Toner for Daytime

I love lavender and frankincense for my skin! In a 1 ounce glass spray bottle, I added 2-4 drops of lavender essential oil and 2-4 drops of frankincense essential oil, filled it almost to the top with plain witch hazel, and shook it to combine the ingredients. After I wash my face in the morning, I shake up my toner, and spray my face. Done!

Nighttime Facial Toner

I’ve found that Purification is great for treating my acne-prone skin, but it makes my skin more sensitive to the sun, so I only use it at night. In a 1 ounce glass spray bottle, I added 2 drops of Purification essential oil, 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil, 2-3 drops of frankincense essential oil, filled almost to the top with plain witch hazel, and then shook it up. After I wash my face at night, I shake up the bottle of toner, and spray my face. Too easy!

Sugar Scrub

This smells heavenly, and makes my hands feel so good! I filled my mason jar 2/3 of the way with organic light brown sugar, then I added the essential oils, filled almost the rest of the way with coconut oil, stirred it up, and put the lid back on. I like to wash my hands with this every night before bed.

Body Butter

This body butter feels absolutely wonderful! I use it any time I’d normally use regular old lotion. I chose oils that calming and good for my skin. I mostly followed this recipe. However, I did add a heaping teaspoon of grated beeswax to the ingredients that needed to be melted, and I also added 2 teaspoons of bourbon vanilla extract (at R’s insistence) to the liquid oils toward the end.

Texturizing Spray

This is my all-time favorite hair product! I have fine, wavy hair. Not only does this texturizing spray give my hair some body, but it works just as well as dry shampoo between washes. I don’t add any conditioner or lemon juice/alcohol. Other than that, I follow this recipe exactly. My favorite way to use this is to spray my almost dry hair, scrunch it up real quick, pile my hair into a messy bun for about half an hour while I go about my day, and then let my hair down. I always end up with perfect waves that don’t fall flat or get oily.

Hand Soap

I love knowing exactly what’s in my hand soap, and being able to do a different scent every time I make it. This time, I filled a glass soap dispenser 1/2 way with unscented Castile soap, added my Pumpkin Pie blend of essential oils, filled nearly to the top with distilled water, and carefully swirled to combine. This particular soap blend smells lovely!

Bath Salts

Don’t laugh! I know this one isn’t practical at all, but I might get to use it someday. I filled a mason jar 1/2 way with plain Epsom salt, 1/4 of the way with a mixture of “Real Salt” and pink Himalayan sea salt, added baking soda until there was about 1 inch of room at the top, added essential oils (about 10-20 drops total), put the lid back on, and shook to combine the ingredients. When I’ve used my homemade bath salts in the past, I added one to two tablespoons to my bathwater, as well as a heaping teaspoon of coconut oil. I always come out feeling grounded.

Mr. A also got a few nifty things, because he’s amazing.

Beard Oil

Making this beard softener was slightly selfish on my part, but I am definitely feeling better about Mr. A’s beard now that it isn’t so scratchy. I followed this recipe to make the beard oil. It smells great, and Mr. A seems to like it as well. I used a nearly empty 1 ounce pump bottle that had just a tiny bit of macadamia nut oil left in it, added the essential oils, and topped with grape seed oil.

Super Thick Man Lotion (aka Body Butter)

I used the same body butter recipe that I used for mine, I just added a couple of different essential oils that I thought Mr. A would enjoy.

Flavored Toothpicks

In a metal lid, I combined 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil with the essential oils, added a handful of toothpicks, soaked them for about an hour, blotted the excess oil off, and put them in a small parchment paper-lined metal tin.

Future Plans

I have big plans to improve daily life even more! Stay tuned…

The oils mentioned in this post can be purchased through my  Young Living business. This is my distributor link. By purchasing through me, ID #3919812, you are supporting my small business. By purchasing other items through my Amazon affiliate links, you are helping to keep my blog going. Thank you!


What I am not is a licensed professional of any sort. Please use your own good judgement, and/or check with an appropriate medical professional or therapist before trying out any activities or recipes from this blog.

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